Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I see an apartment?

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    Apartment viewings can be set up via e-mail or by phone. The best way to arrange a viewing of one or several available apartments is by phone, as our staff is available to answer the call and schedule your appointment at a time that works best for you. During Chicago’s peak rental season, April-August, The Wilcox Company is available to show units seven days a week.

    On weekdays, viewings are available from 10am-8pm, and on weekends from 11am-4pm.  Outside of the peak rental season, viewings are scheduled by appointments only.

  2. How do I apply for an apartment?

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    To apply for an apartment through The Wilcox Company, each individual that will be occupying the unit must submit two items.  The first is a fully complete Wilcox Company rental application.  The second is a money order or PayPal deposit made payable to The Wilcox Company, for $50.00 per adult.  This amount covers each person’s credit, background, employment and income check.  In addition a seperate holding fee of $250.00 to remove the unit from the active list while the application is run.  This application fee is non-refundable should the party choose to cancel their application.  Once a party is approved, the $250.00 down payment each person already paid will be applied toward the unit’s first months rent.


    While The Wilcox Company., works with applicants in order to grant approval, there are some situations in which an application is declined.  If an application is declined, the $250.00 down payment per person will be refunded.  The $50.00 credit check per person is not refundable as it is applied to the credit check and part of the application process.  The refunded down payment shall be in the form of a check issued after the original payment has cleared The Wilcox Company account.


    Parties can find the ——>    THE WILCOX COMPANY RENTAL APPLICATION <—–HERE on our website, or our staff would also be happy to fax or e-mail the form, and the form can also be picked up at our office.  The application fee can be paid via cashier’s check, money order or PayPal.   The PayPal vender name is The Wilcox Company and the email associated with it is  Forms can be submitted by e-mail, fax or at our office in person during work hours, or via the 24-hour drop box after hours.

  3. What should I look for when viewing an apartment?

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    When viewing an apartment, it is important to know what features are most important to you.  Focus on those features that matter most (bedroom size, location, transportation, laundry, etc).

    During an apartment search, most people find that the process develops into give-and-take. Certain features become more important and people are willing to do without other features to keep the most important features. It is recommended that each individual prepare a check list of items most important to them to help guide their apartment search.

  4. What happens after I am approved for the apartment?

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    Once a person/group is approved for an apartment, a time is arranged to meet with their rental agent to sign all documents (Lease, Rider, gas disclosure, etc) and pay all remaining fees and deposits.  $200.00 of the application fee per person will be applied toward this total.  Any difference will need to be paid at the time of the Lease signing.

    After the final payment clears, The Wilcox Company will execute the contract and mail a copy to one party on the Lease.

    All parties to the Lease are entitled to view their future residence as many times as they wish after the Lease is signed to perform measurements or take another look.  All viewings will need to be arranged through the office.

    If you have rented your The Wilcox Company apartment through a third party rental agency (i.e. Apartment People, Chicago Apartment Finders, Apartment Savvy, or Homestead Group), all viewings shall be conducted through the rental agency used.

  5. What should I set up or arrange before moving in?

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    It is very important that, prior to moving into a new residence, Lessees set up their new gas and electric accounts and renter’s insurance.  Failure to do so may result in the gas or electricity to the unit being shut off upon move-in.

    It is also a great idea to have mail forwarded to your new address.  Forwarding mail is done through the United States Postal Service and takes 10-14 days to take affect after the paperwork is submitted.

    If lessees are planning to hire movers, it is important to make those arrangements as early as possible.  Movers are very busy on the 1stof the month and try to set up many jobs on that day.  Please remember all leases start on the 1st of the month, and keys are only available to a party when the agency rented through opens on the 1st, no exceptions are granted.